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Tastefully Offensive


>OMG Pinga FTW. My accurate calling of Frenchies = The New Pugs FTW.

Two Thousand FTW

>OMG you guys BBFs!

PS That awkward esky-nuzzling behaviour when the cat semi wigs out and doesn’t know what to do cos it wants to keep nuzzling the dolphin but is a bit scared the dolphin may have just blown it off – that’s the feline equivalent of pretending to SMS someone when you’re waiting for someone at a bar.

Via TDW, previously.

>Shame on you. Shame on you both. I’m not even angry, just disappointed. Although maybe a little scared for Guilty Cat who actually looks in fear of its life.

>Um. Yep.

Waaaaaaaaay more at Know Your Meme. Thank you 4chan – I think this even beats sending Bieber to North Korea.


Super Punch


Two Thousand