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>Socioclean claims to help you protect your online reputation by scanning your profile (status updates, wall posts, groups and photo captions and comments) and alert you to all the naughtiness you’ve accumulated over the years.

I expected to do relatively badly but this is ridiculous!! CODE RED, PEOPLE!!!

And what are the areas I need to work on?? Sex, drugs, alcohol, profanity and RACISM?? WTF? WTFFFF? I’ve been called a messy, sweary whore too many times for it to have any impact (and that’s just by my mum), but I’m pretty sure I’ve never been called a racist. So I went to investigate.

These are the terms that Sociotwat classed as RACIAL:
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>Freaking hilarious. And yes, I do count myself lucky to be gainfully employed, especially considering I am a Social Media Guru Professional.

Facebook Ruins Job Interview from Wiseguy Pictures on Vimeo.

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>And I know them all…

Altoids “Curiously Strong Awards” from Marc Ritzema on Vimeo.

Swiss Miss

>Baby Got Back, Translated By Nerds

Baby Got Buzzfeed


In you’re face siance!

Michael Gira


Ouch! beware the audio troll – it’s a powerful and malevolent force.

>Been practising this for years!